History of The Group

1st Warden Hill Scout Group was reformed in 2010 after a long period of absence. We know little of the previous Group and the only evidence we have of the Group is this photograph taken outside the United Reform Church (URC), Warden Hill, Cheltenham. If anybody was a member of the original Group or has information they wish to share, we would be most grateful.

1st Warden Hill Scouts then

1st Warden Hill Scouts then

The Group was reformed with a small Colony of seven Beavers and a pack of six Cubs. Since then our numbers have grown and now run generally to a full quota of eighteen Beavers and eighteen Cubs.

The Cubs attended their first camp later that year at Woodhouse Park in Avon, as friends of Bethesda Cubs. Since then all sections have participated in exciting District and Group camps. It is these camps that the child members tend to enjoy the most with camp fires cooking, fun activities and sleeping under canvas.

In 2013 we welcomed 1st Warden Hill Scouts into our Group.

2016 marked the 100th birthday of the Cubs, which we celebrated with other South West Cub Scout Groups at Rhydd Camp. The camp was a great success and the Cubs had great fun sharing the experience with other Packs.

Cubs 100 campfire